DCM series

Auburn Hills, Michigan - DE-STA-CO recently announced the addition of conveyor systems to its product offering. The new DCM series of conveyors offers customizable options and guaranteed reliability. Available in light-, medium- and heavy-duty specifications, each component is equipped with pivotal motor mounts for continuous operation and fast belt changes. Additionally, the modular systems are capable of combining to form complete production lines and allow for simple adaptation to specific customer requirements.

With a compact design and integrated control, the DCM Light-Duty Conveyor series is ideal for applications such as part transfer to work cells. Offered with either end or center drives, the belt on the light-duty series is driven by a regulated, brushless 24 V DC motor with variable speed and selectable direction.

The light-duty system's durable, switchable electric motor considerably reduces run-out of the belt when stopping. In spite of its compact size, the system can transport up to 44 lbs. of parts. With a maximum conveyor length of 16 feet, the system is offered in chassis widths ranging from 1.77 - 5.5 inches and capable of handling part widths up to 4.6 inches.

Like the light-duty series, DE-STA-CO's Medium-Duty Conveyor series was designed to operate with either a single or dual belt. The availability of chassis widths ranging from 2.4 - 9.8 inches makes the medium series a good option for transporting larger pallets and other dimensionally stable products. For parts exceeding 9.8 inches in width, the Heavy-Duty Conveyor series becomes the ideal solution.

The heavy-duty series is available in widths from 7.9 - 31.5 inches and driven by a 230/480 V spur gear motor that permits the transportation of up to 275 lbs. DE-STA-CO also offers end, top or center drive versions of the series, the latter of which is suitable for conveyors up to 49 feet in length.

DE-STA-CO's conveyor systems are complemented by a full range of products, including floor stands, lateral guides and other accessories and special fittings.

For more information on DE-STA-CO automation products, please call 1-888-DESTACO or e-mail [email protected].

Please visit www.destaco.com for information on all DE-STA-CO products, or contact John Bubnikovich at 248.836.6700.

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