Deck Cart

Cleveland-based Kinetic Technologies, Inc., designer/manufacturer of Forklift Free material handling equipment and accessories has developed an adjustable height roller conveyor deck cart to complement manufacturing and warehouse inventory management programs. Units are available with 49.5” x 49.5” or 37.5” x 37.5” roller decks rated at 1500 lbs. capacity. Welded stand-offs support floor to top of roller height from 13” to 24” in any required increments. Roller tops feature large diameter lead-in rollers, choice of tight or standard roller spacing and full width, handle operated load stop bars with positive locking detent.

Special MPP™ (modified pivot point) 6-wheel system deliver low manual push/pull forces at full load, the easiest manipulation of any cart in its class and the ability to track/turn long trains of carts in narrow aisles. Additional features include under frame lift pocket, self-stowing, spring loaded towbar, auto-release heavy-duty floor lock and compact auto-hitch.

K-Tec designs other ergo-support products such as lifts and conveyors providing integrated Forklift Free system solutions.

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