Dematic Case Picking System

Dematic Case Picking System

Dematic Corp. introduces Voice+ Laser Trucks, a case picking system combining laser trucks with voice picking.

Voice+ Laser Trucks converts pallet trucks to driverless vehicles equipped with laser guidance. At the start of an order, the laser truck delivers a new pallet directly to the order picker, automatically moves with the voice-equipped picker as he or she verbally confirms picks and transports the completed pallet to shipping, while the next laser truck brings a new pallet to the picker.

Dematic’s warehouse control system integrates the technology with WMS or ERP systems to provide real-time management information, order prioritization and status, and productivity and workload reports, according to the company.

Voice+ Laser Truck can increase productivity one and a half to two times, according to Dematic, by eliminating non-value-added tasks associated with typical case picking operations.

Dematic Corp.

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