DHL Offers Mardi Gras Shipping Program

PLANTATION, Fla.—DHL has launched a King Cake shipping program for all bakeries in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras and help displaced residents get a taste of home.

Introduced to Randazzo’s Camellia City Bakery, the King Cake shipping program helped the bakery revive its business after Katrina. King Cakes are sold from January through Feb. 5—Fat Tuesday. This season, Randazzo’s expects to increase its volume of orders as high as 40% over last year. It expects deliver the orders with the help of four DHL EasyShip shipment processing systems integrated into the company’s Web site ordering system.

This year, many small-to-medium size bakeries have signed up for DHL’s new shipping program, which includes a co-branded Mardi Gras decorated shipping box, designed to open from the top to protect the oval-shaped cake.

“DHL was there to get us back up and running after hurricane Katrina, and the ongoing support they are providing this season is critical as we manage the massive volume of customer orders,” said Tricia Zornes, owner of Randazzo’s. “We’re seeing many repeat orders this year from customers all over the country, clearly satisfied not only with our King Cakes but with the level of reliability from DHL. The festive boxes provided by DHL make the delivery of these cakes even that much more special for our customers.”

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