DHL Opens Logistics Innovation Competition

DHL launched an “Open Innovation” competition focusing on “City Logistics”—the process whereby private companies optimize logistics and transport activities in urban areas while considering the traffic environment, the traffic congestion and energy consumption within the framework of a market economy.

The contest, introduced by the new global DHL Solutions and Innovations (DSI) division, invites businesses, academics, politicians, public authorities and citizens to share ideas and recommendations for the implementation of sustainable logistics solutions in populated, urban areas. DHL is seeking innovative ideas that will help reduce traffic congestion, promote “green” urban living, improve urban logistics and deliver efficient transport solutions.
“With growing cities all over the world, the challenges of city logistics and urban living are becoming more and more demanding,” said Steffen

Frankenberg, vice president at DSI. “Solutions for decreasing traffic and getting cities greener are crucial for the future. DHL knows that the logistics industry plays a significant role and we want to broaden our approach to City Logistics by also inviting people outside the company to contribute their perspective. With the views of others we can better identify the challenges and generate ideas for new logistics solutions.”

The DHL Open Innovation competition focuses on the following categories:

Logistics efficiency in urban areas: How can logistics flows of goods and services be improved in and out of urban environments? What future logistical challenges can be anticipated and what kinds of solutions can be developed to respond to these challenges?

Green city and urban living: What defines a truly green city and what does it take to become one? What are the key challenges a city faces in the coming decades, and what kinds of regulations must be adopted to face these challenges?

Digital logistics: Which IT solutions could improve logistics with respect to traffic management, traffic prediction, warehouse management, etc.? What are the innovative criteria behind these potential solutions? What are smart next-generation IT solutions?

The DHL Open Innovation competition is available online, where ideas and experiences are submitted and discussed in an open forum. Submissions may be entered at from now through November 28, 2011. A jury of experts from different fields and backgrounds will evaluate the submissions in December and name the winners of the contest in the first quarter of 2012. Contest participants are eligible to win flight and travel accommodations to DHL Solutions and Innovations City Logistics locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas as well as gift cards and internships with DHL.

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