Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages 2004 Edition Available

To help users cope with the riskier post-9/11 world, the editors of the Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages have begun shipping a PC-based CD-ROM version of the 2004 Edition of their popular sourcebook.

Based on nearly two decades of disaster-planning experience, the CD is an electronic version of the 350-page hard-copy comprehensive sourcebook designed to help users locate scores of crucial but hard-to-find recovery services throughout the United States and Canada.

The Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages contains more than 3,000 vendor listings and covers more than 270 categories such as drying & dehumidification of paper & microfilm records, smoke odor counteracting services, trauma counselors, salvage, emergency rental of network and other computer equipment, etc.

The sourcebook is an essential reference for facility managers, computer operations managers, emergency personnel, risk managers, security managers, librarians, record managers, systems executives, and business recovery coordinators, as well as claims adjusters, insurance agents, and any others responsible for putting organizations "back to normal" after a crisis.

Both the sourcebook and the CD-ROM contain five comprehensive sections, covering restoration services, mobile buildings, computer and emergency equipment, planning and data recovery software, as well as training publications and videos. In addition, they include a tutorial on areas that are frequently overlooked -- even by experienced users -- when preparing their disaster recovery plans, as well as hints on "getting started" and preparing a disaster plan.

Steven Lewis, Ph.D., CISA editor-in-chief of the Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages, has worked with leaders in the Disaster Recovery field to develop this comprehensive sourcebook, as well as using the experiences gained in working with more 100 organizations and institutions to prepare comprehensive recovery plans for the resumption of their operations following a disaster. These organizations have ranged from banks and insurance companies to manufacturers, retailers, colleges and other organizations.

In addition to the CD version, the Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages comes in a hard-copy, three-ring binder, for ease in adding sources which individual users have gathered that are unique to their own circumstances. The price for either version is $98. per copy, plus $6 for shipping and handling. Regular updates are available.

To obtain a free brochure, or to order The Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages, contact The Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages, 25 Ellison Road, Newton, Mass. 02459, Telephone 617-332-3496, FAX: 617-332-4358, E-mail: [email protected], or visit www.disaster-help.com.

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