Dispose of Oily Rags

Dispose of Oily Rags

Creform’s oil pail cart was designed and built to contain oil- and solvent-soaked rags without tipping. The pail is a standard hazardous material container with a lid. The structure is designed to be easily moved and elevates the pail approximately 24" above the floor at a convenient height while providing a formal appearance as a waste station.

The cart incorporates a pedal actuation extension that allows hands-free, foot-operated opening and closing of the pail. A spring assists the closing feature ensuring the lid snaps shut and the barrier is in place, limiting oxygen and ignition access. The structure construction includes casters with a locking function to make the cart mobile for convenient positioning, yet stable when in stationary use.

Because the pail holds combustible waste products, it is important to control

sparks created by static charges. The structure is assembled using Creform ESD-rated components, including black conductive plastic coated pipe, nickel-plated metal joints and ESD casters so grounding the pail to the structure helps dissipate any static charge. The carts have elevated structural beams for signage announcing the waste station, or for promoting safety reminders, lean programs, and quality achievements.


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