DNeT MPC 5/110

DNeT MPC 5/110

DLoG Logistics Inc., a supplier of transportation and logistics hardware solutions, announces the availability of the Industrial Mobile PC DNeT MPC 5/110. The sophisticated features and rugged construction of DLoG’s fanless MPC 5/110 make it an ideal touch-screen PC for use in warehouses and on forklifts, construction machinery, and other indoor and outdoor vehicles.

The optional 3M Near Field Imaging (NFI) MicroTouch™ 10-inch touch-screen provides high visibility even in bright environments. The optional heating capability allows the MPC 5/110 to operate in temperatures as low as -22° F. An internal UPS storage battery is available for backup during power failures and transportation from one vehicle to another. An optional automatic switch-off feature gracefully powers down the computer when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. DLoG’s flexible MPC 5/110 is also available in 7 inch and 12 inch models.

DLoG’s compact MPC 5/110 is housed in a coated aluminum frame with external dimensions of only 9.02 x 11.02 x 3.27 inches and a weight of 10.6 pounds. Shock and vibration resistance is rated Class 7M3 according to EN 60721-3 (1995).

The full-featured mobile PC comes with high-quality standard components for long-term reliability and availability. Wireless connectivity is provided through Wi-Fi (802.11b /g). Numerous interfaces, including a PCI port and 2 USB interfaces, are provided on the bottom of the housing for add-ons or extra peripherals. 7 inch and 12 inch models are also available.

About DLoG Logistics, Inc.

DLoG Logistics, Inc., a subsidiary of DLoG GmbH, specializes in transportation and logistics hardware solutions, especially in harsh and hazardous operating environments. DLoG's reliable, Windows based product offerings include multiple TFT display sizes, resistive touch-screen technology, rugged design (IP65) and integrated wireless networking capabilities. Service offerings range from comprehensive organizational consulting through conceptualization, project management, provisioning and hardware installation. For more information about DLoG Logistics and its products, call 410-840-1982 or visit www.dlog-logistics.com.

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