Doing the Right Thing

For the second year in a row, The AT&T Foundation has donated $10,000 on behalf of TNT Logistics North America (Jacksonville, Fla.) to the United Nations' World Food Programme. This donation will be used to support the WFP's Global School Feeding Campaign.

The dollars raised by TNT and its employees are earmarked for WFP’s Global School Feeding Campaign, which has been able to demonstrate the value of tying nutrition with education and health, producing long-term benefits for pupils, their families and the communities where they live.

Through fundraising efforts, TNT strives to raise cash and awareness for this campaign between its global workforce and business partners. TNT also provides logistics support and consulting to the WFP.

"We thank our allies at the AT&T Foundation for seeing the value in this program," said Keith Goldsmith, vice president of technology, TNT Logistics North America. "With the support of caring businesses, we expect to greatly increase our financial contribution to the World Food Programme this year."

Source: TNT Logistics North America

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