Dorner Conveyors

Dorner Conveyors

Dorner Manufacturing’s new 2300 and 5300 series conveyors, part of the DustPruf line, feature SmartSlot technology, which offers the integration and add-on capabilities of a T-slot but does not collect contaminants or debris.

The DustPruf 2300 and 5300 series are “dust proof,” according to Dorner, because the frames are designed to eliminate catch points where particulates can collect. The conveyors also have FDA-approved, low-friction coating on their bedplates. Reducing friction between bedplate and conveyor belt allows the motor to run 20% more efficiently, says the company. Frames are made of recyclable aluminum and can be equipped with specific guiding accessories.

The DustPruf 5300 series can be modified to include curves, and conveyor lengths can also be altered. The DustPruf 5300 series comes in widths of 8 inches to 3 feet, lengths up to 83 feet and speeds up to 260 feet per minute. The DustPruf 2300 series is available in widths of 2 inches to 2 feet and lengths up to 24 feet.

Dorner Conveyors

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