Drawbridge Conveyor

Drawbridge Conveyor

YORK, Pa., Westfalia Technologies, Inc. has introduced a unique Drawbridge Conveyor which enables a conveyor line to cross an Automated Storage and Retrieval System crane aisle. These conveyors showcase Westfalia’s unsurpassed engineering capabilities and allow products to bypass a storage area, even while conveying through it, directly to the shipping dock. In our Automated Storage and Retrieval System, the conveyor is used to transfer pallets across the crane aisle.

As Juergen Conrad, Director of Sales explains, “Even when lowered, cranes can run in the aisle because sensors on the cranes tell them to avoid the “gray area” the Drawbridge Conveyor uses. Plus, the Drawbridge Conveyor is fast – it pivots to a nearly vertical position in approximately 30 seconds.”

Westfalia’s Drawbridge Conveyors can be used in any area where transportation traffic is crossing the material flow processes, and is compatible with the company’s 3-Strand Chain and Chain Driven Live Roller conveyors. It is the newest of a full line of innovative conveyors Westfalia designs and manufactures. These specialty conveyors can be constructed of either mild steel or stainless steel for durable, long-lasting performance. With standardized designs, the conveyors can be easily integrated with other material handling equipment and can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs.

To find out more about our products please visit www.WestfaliaUSA.com.

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