Drip Sentinel Drum-Top Workstation

EASTLAKE, Ohio – ENPAC Corporation announces its new Drip Sentinel™ Drum-Top Workstation™ drip, leak, and spill protection product. Designed for dispensing fresh materials from drums outfitted with a drum pump and then returning spills, drips, and leaks to the drum for reuse, the patented Drip Sentinel™ Drum-Top Workstation™ helps save liquids that are routinely lost during the dispensing process by catching and redirecting them to the drum fresh and free of debris. Spilled liquids flow back into the drum ready for use while keeping 55-gallon drum and materials clean.

The Drip Sentinel™ Drum Top Workstation™ is easy to install and use, fits 55 gallon steel tight-head drums, and works with all types of rotary drum pumps and many types of lever-action pumps. Made of durable, non-corrosive and chemically resistant polyethylene, the Drip Sentinel™ Drum Top Workstation™ helps to reduce waste removal costs and dangerous slip-and-fall incidents while saving time and money. The Drip Sentinel™ Drum Top Workstation™ pays for itself with the first drum of liquids dispensed helping to assure that valuable resources are no longer discarded and making costly absorbents a thing of the past.

Drip Sentinel™ Drum Top Workstation™ is loaded with other features too, like a molded-in raised rim to reduce splashes and spills, an angled surface allowing materials to directly flow back to the drum, and raised ribs providing a clean, flat area to place containers to be filled. A stainless mesh strainer screens liquids returning to the drum.

“Recently amended and updated Government Regulations are driving containment requirements down to nearly 500,000 businesses in the US that previously were below regulator concern” states Christian (Chris) Hilty, VP of Sales & Marketing at ENPAC. “As a result, our customers are demanding products that help them comply with these regulations, enhance their productivity, and that are cost effective. The Drip Sentinel™ Drum-Top Workstation™ helps the user achieve all these goals and much more. This item is a real winner with customers”, says Hilty.

ENPAC Corporation is the world leader in spill prevention, containment, and control products, which are sold through distributors around the globe in more than 35 countries. More information is available on the company’s website at www.enpac.com or by calling l-800-936-7229.

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