Drum applications

BROADVIEW, IL. – Interthor, the leading manufacturer for material handling equipment, has launched three drum applications for the Interthor line for stacking and transporting plastic and steel drums.

“As soon as these products came out, they were put to use across our client base from pharmaceutical to printing industries,” said Richard Kopacz, president of Interthor. “At one of our pharmaceutical clients, the Interthor with electric drum turner will empty more than 1,000 plastic drums this year. Together, they have brought employees great relief from having to manually empty drums.”

Drum Lifter
A drum lifter can be used when lifting and carrying steel or plastic drums gripping the drums from different run-in angles.
• Compatible for all Interthor models with a fork span of 22”
• Capacity of 550 lbs
• A counterweight is required in some cases for stability and safety

Drum Turner
A drum turner can handle both standing and lying, steel and plastic drums and can be easily turned 360°.
• Speed and acceleration control for electric drum turner
• The gearing of the manual gear is 1:80 for the manual drum turner
• Long operating life and low maintenance costs

Drum Fork
A drum fork is used for handling horizontal steel or plastic drums.
• Remote control for lifting functions available on electric Interthor
• Can handle different types of drums, paper reels and barrels

Contact Interthor at 708-345-1270 or visit www.interthor.com.

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