Drum Motor Maker Offers Swap Program

LITHIA SPRINGS, Ga.—Van der Graaf Inc., a manufacturer of drum motors for material handling applications, announced a new “swap” program.

The program allows customers to send their drum motors to any Van der Graaf facility, where the units will be upgraded to the latest design or exchanged for the newest models for the standard repair cost. In addition, the existing motor warranty will be reset to the current date as if they had just purchased a new unit.

The swap program was originally created for drum motors in food-handling applications that may have been designed with a sealing system not capable of withstanding new high-pressure wash-down methods. The biggest challenge for drum motor manufacturers is keeping water away from the electric motor. For the past 25 years, Van der Graaf has offered various designs of hermetically sealed drum motors.

Authorized facilities for the swap program are located in Atlanta, Fresno, Calif. and Toronto, Ontario. For more information, visit www.vandergraaf.com.

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