DS2100N & DS2400N

Hebron, KY - Datalogic has the pleasure to announce the availability of the new DS2100N and DS2400N series, the evolution of the successful DS2100A and DS2400A laser scanners. DS2100N and DS2400N are more advanced and easier to use, providing greater profitability and productivity in the most common applications in automated warehousing, like conveyor sorting and picking systems, and in automated shopfloor for items and parts tracking, process control and packaging.

In the OEM industry these scanners are particularly suitable for integration into automatic machinery, such as in chemical and biomedical analysis machines, as well as in packaging and document handling machines.The new scanners guarantee reliability achieving very good read rates. The DS2400N also offers enhanced reading performances on low-contrast or difficult barcodes as well as on fast-moving codes.

DS2100N and DS2400N series feature the new ID-NET™ High Speed Bus, an additional built-in interface dedicated to efficient and fast scanner interconnection. Thanks to ID-NET™, data collection among readers is accomplished at a high speed without the need of an external multiplexing device, leading to an overall cost reduction and simple system wiring.

To guarantee ease of use and quick scanner installation, the new DS2100N and DS2400N scanners are equipped with the innovative X-PRESS™ Human Machine Interface, which simplifies use of the readers, installation and maintenance, making life easier for all types of users. X-PRESS™ clearly presents status and diagnostic information by means of a five LED bar-graph, whereas the single multi-function key gives immediate access to relevant functions such as Test Mode, AutoLearn and AutoSetup.

The DS2100N and DS2400N series are equipped with Datalogic’s GENIUS™ software configuration program, so they can be easily and rapidly programmed through this intuitive and multilanguage software tool. All models are equipped with a programmable software that allows various functions to be controlled, such as switching the motor ON/OFF motor and his rotation speed.

DS2100N and DS2400N scanners feature the Datalogic proprietary ACB™ (Advanced Code Builder) software, which decodes partially damaged or normally unreadable bar codes due to their high tilt angle, hence increasing the read percentage.

For further information:
Datalogic, Inc. 800-849-5358, e-mail: [email protected], www.datalogic.com - Joscelyn Herzberg

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