Austin, Tx. – iKey, LTD introduces the latest in industrial keyboard design with the new DT-810-TB model, featuring an integrated 25mm mechanical trackball.

“We chose to integrate the 25 millimeter trackball due to its proven durability and patented sealing technology,” said Dave Huddleston, Operations Manager at iKey. “The compact dimensions allowed us to dramatically reduce the overall footprint compared to our other keyboards with integrated trackballs. The result is a product that compares in size to our most popular desktop products, but offers a new alternative for cursor control.”

The DT-810-TB measures 14.8” W x 5.72” H x 1.32” D and is constructed with a highly-rugged, stainless steel case and an industrial silicone rubber keypad. For industrial applications requiring illuminated keys, the DBL-810-TB version is the same model keyboard featuring green or red LED backlighting.

Both models meet NEMA 4X specifications, meaning they are waterproof and safe from damage by corrosive liquids. The keyboards feature left and right click buttons above the trackball, as well as a programmable third button.

The 25mm trackball keyboards are built to withstand storage temperatures ranging from -40C to +85C, and operating temperatures ranging from 0C to +65C. For more information on these and other iKey keyboards, visit www.ikey.com.

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