Buckhorn introduces a new line of open-sided, bulk containers with permanently installed custom frames. The Buckhorn DunnageReady container can be adapted with custom dunnage to easily handle the special needs of transporting irregular shaped, lightweight components and assemblies with finished surfaces.

The DunnageReady container combines the strength, versatility, and weight advantages of molded plastic with the durability and easy access offered by a tubular steel frame. Corners on the metal frame members are mitered and fully welded to eliminate all entry points for water. A powder coating adds additional protection to the metal surface and improves the over-all look of the unit. The frame mounts to the inside of the container making it stronger and less susceptible to damage during transit. The unique mounting design simplifies installation and requires only a minor reduction in the size of the interior opening to the container.

The DunnageReady begins as a standard model molded plastic bulk box. Depending on the application requirements, one or two sides of the container are removed and a steel frame is installed. The frame is secured in place with mounting bolts that extend through the container walls and sit inside rib pockets that protect them from breakage. The container is then shipped to a specialty supplier where dunnage, specifically designed to meet ergonomic, part configuration, and size requirements, is added.

Switching the transport of lightweight parts and assemblies from metal racks to plastic containers fitted with dunnage immediately improves payload ratios and reduces part damage. Compared to steel, the plastic containers slide more easily on production floors without damaging the surface and generate less noise when moved with a fork-lift or tugger.

The DunnageReady’s versatility continues after a manufacturing cycle is complete and shipments of components or sub assemblies end. Converting Buckhorn DR containers to handle a different dunnage assignment is much easier than converting steel racks and frames. The dunnage unit can be unbolted, removed, and replaced with a different configuration that meets the new specifications.

Buckhorn builds the DunnageReady frame to fit all Bulk Boxes models ranging from the standard height 48” x 45” footprint to all extended height and extended length models.

Call 1-800-543-4454, or visit www.buckhorninc.com to learn more.

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