Chicago, IL - Bruce Raming, announced today the patented duplexpackslip™ is gaining wide momentum in the material handling industry since its release at the ProMat show in January. The combination of the two-sided thermal roll label allows its users to print the shipping label on the front side and confidential packing slip on the back side at the same time. The new duplexpackslip operates on the patented Fox IV Technologies, Inc. TwinPrint thermal printer, the first to support two-sided thermal printing. The TwinPrint is an on-demand, “next-off” printer designed for distribution efficiency. This combination enables the shipping department of various industries to streamline cost savings and perfect the reporting accuracy to the pick, pack and shipping operation of the material handling industry.

The duplexpackslip improves time savings, labor savings, order throughput and increased accuracy while eliminating the traditional ‘packing list enclosed’ plastic pouch and paper. “I tested the traditional packing slip system comprised of printing the packing slip, folding and inserting it into the Packing List Enclosed plastic pouch, affixing it to the carton and finally printing and matching the shipping label which also is to be affixed to the carton,” said Bruce Raming, inventor and founder of the duplexpackslip. “That process takes about 35 seconds per box.”

“The automated duplexpackslip process saves about 35 seconds per box,” continued Mr. Raming.

“For every 1,000 boxes shipped a company will save approximately $157.62 in labor. This includes the labor rate, payroll taxes and benefits of approximately $16.25 per hour.” Other benefits of the new duplexpackslip include increased accuracy, reduction of inventory of shipping supplies and reduction of paper which lowers the total overall cost of the system.

The 6 x 8 duplexpackslip will accommodate about 20 lines of packing slip information. Duplexpackslip is also a GOING GREEN solution. Details can be found at www.duplexpackslip.com.

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