Durable, Economical Floor Marking

Durable, Economical Floor Marking

Insite Solutions’ Superior Mark X Markers and T Markers are warehousefloor tapes featuring beveled edges and recessed adhesive to maximize durability. These floor markers create a more durable and cost effective way to visually organize the industrial floors of factories and warehouses.

The beveled edge withstands more force than any other angle. The pressure sensitive adhesive is recessed to just behind the beveled edge. When a forklift pushing a pallet exerts force against Superior Mark tape, the pallet will ride up and over the beveled edge, rather than dislodging the floor tape.

Applications include work cells, pallet alignment systems, forklift parking areas, or other clearly delineated rectangular spaces. Using floor markers requires less material than marking solid lines, and is therefore more cost effective. Floor markers are also easy to maintain because if one marker is damaged, it can be individually replaced.

Insite Solutions

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