DuraCycle IBC

The DuraCycle IBC is available for every IBC manufactured today. The liner is fitted to the exact dimensions of each container, and will not collapse or impede discharge. Our proprietary installation process guarantees the IBC has all virgin contact surfaces. You'll get new bottle quality without the new bottle cost.

Available in three film options:
• FDA-This product grade complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520
• Anti-static-Tested to Federal Test Method Standard (FTMS) 101-C
• Ultraviolet (UV) resistant

The Bib™ CMS developed an innovative, optional feature for DuraCycle IBCs called The Bib™ (not shown), which protects the container top from spills during filling.

Double barrier: DuraCycle IBCs improve each container's integrity and acts as a second barrier should the container become damaged during shipment or use. Twice the integrity means twice the security.
Form-fitting: DuraCycle IBCs are engineered to fit any commercially available IBC perfectly, allowing maximum fill, discharge, and mixing. Our vacuum port eliminates air from behind the liner, ensuring a complete fill and guaranteeing that your container will stay in the cost-saving DuraCycle Container Loop.

DuraCycle IBC Label, Barcode, and Logistics: CMS makes it easy to save money while keeping IBCs in-the-loop. A label on each container shows the end-user the steps to follow after emptying the container. They simply call us or log onto our website to let us know the container is empty and we take care of the logistics. Each container is barcoded so we can track it's life cycle and move it through the DuraCycle Container Loop and back into service quickly.

Virgin skin: Our multi-layer liner provides an uncontaminated interior for each fill, and it supplies each container with a virgin skin. No residual chemicals from molding release agents or cleaning will ever contaminate your product. DuraCycle IBCs provide the equivalent of a new bottle with each use, at lower cost.

Strong seams: The seams on each DuraCycle IBC liner are even stronger than the liner's base material, due to our revolutionary weld methods.

Reduce costs: The patented DuraCycle liner gives you better-than-new IBCs for overall cost savings.

For more information on the economical, eco-friendly, easy-to-use CMS DuraCycle Container Loop, visit www.cmsduracycle.com.

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