SPRINGFIELD, OH — Konecranes, Inc., a global leader in the manufacturing of overhead lifting equipment, introduces the DynA family of speed control solutions. These products from Konecranes have a substantial impact on crane productivity, safety, and reliability, and reduced maintenance costs.

The DynA family of products is designed to meet the needs of industrial crane systems. The DynA products offer continuous speed control.

Continuous speed control increases safety through reduced risk of load damage and minimized load swing. Smooth and easy driving characteristics contribute to safety with easier load handling. Also, the DynA products have reduced maintenance costs because of lower component wear.

The DynA family of products increases the productivity of a crane system by ensuring easy installation and start-up, a result of the standardized crane user interface and setup functions. Fast cycle times and a large range of continuous speeds also contribute to increased productivity.
The improved reliability of the DynA products is a result of the torque and brake control management that uses the latest inverter and vector control technology. Due to the high main speed and low creep speed, accurate load positioning is possible. This inverter technology also reduces mechanical stresses.

The DynA family of products includes continuous speed control in various configurations, dependent upon the features necessary to the application. These products can be customized to meet varied needs. DynAC Vector and DynAHoist Vector are complete speed control systems for demanding traveling and hoisting applications. There are many options, including: varied voltage control, customized displays, selectable control methods, frequency control, and modernization options. The DynADrive, which offers a wide range of continuous speeds in compact size for traveling applications, is also available. These features can also be added to a new crane, a performance upgrade, or a modernization of an existing crane.

To find out more about the DynA family of products, or for all your material handling needs, contact Konecranes Americas, 4401 Gateway Boulevard, Springfield, OH 45502, by phone 937-525-5533, by fax 937-325-8945, or by using their toll free number 800-934-6976. You can also gain access to more information by checking out www.konecranesamericas.com.

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