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Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announces the addition of a new Modular Gravity Conveyor to its line of modular conveyors. Dynamic Conveyor offers sustainable conveyor systems that can be reconfigured when needs change. DynaCon® conveyor systems offer modularity that is so flexible that purchasing replacement conveyors may never be necessary again – saving money and eliminating the conveyor boneyard.

DynaCon Modular Gravity Conveyors maximize flexibility in configuration by utilizing short roller sections to create the right length of conveyor every time. Modular roller sections are 20” long and include 5 rollers on 4” centers. Gravity Modules are available in widths ranging from 4” to 36” and can be added or removed to create the ideal conveyor for each application. DynaCon Modular Gravity Roller Conveyors are an economical way to move product, boxes, cartons, packages, totes and pallets weighing up to 100 lbs.

• 20” long gravity conveyor modules easily configure and reconfigure, like Lego® building blocks, allowing for true sustainability of conveying equipment
• Conveyor modules from 4” to 36” wide easily connect and reconnect to create conveying systems of varying lengths
• Modules are constructed from high impact polycarbonate, allowing boxes weighing up to 100 lbs to travel the conveyor
• Buying only the modules needed to create the ideal conveyor system saves money and eliminates the conveyor boneyard
• Conveyors are light-weight and allow for easy movement
• Leg sets offer adjustable height options
• Caster-base wheels provide portability and lock securely for stable operation
• Easy to assemble with no need for licensed installers
• Shipping costs are economical
• Works with all DynaCon Modular Conveyor Systems

For more information on DynaCon Modular Conveyors call 1.800.640.6850 or visit

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