Hyster Company (www.hyster.com) introduces the Hyster® E45-70XN, the company’s newest line of electric lift trucks. With several design enhancements and improved styling, the E45-70XN line offers numerous advantages in quality and ergonomics that make it one of most operator-friendly AC-powered lift trucks on the market. The Hyster E45-70XN features a remodeled operator compartment with increased foot and leg room and a removable floor plate for quick maintenance solutions. The truck’s ergonomically improved compartment has a relocated dash display for enhanced visibility and pallet control, while a redesigned hood provides maximum battery service access to reduce downtime. A new Traction Motor, designed with steel skin and cast end bells to allow for maximum air flow, features improved speed sensors to provide accurate speed monitoring over the entire motor operating temperature range. The entire line has been subjected to comprehensive environmental and electrical testing to ensure the trucks meet and exceed all international standards for industrial lift trucks.

For more information about Hyster lift trucks, or to find a dealer near you, please visit www.hyster.com.

10 Strategies to Help You Thrive in the Economic Downturn
Free booklet explains how to cut material handling costs and expenses. The Hyster booklet contains valuable information geared toward businesses interested in reducing lift truck and other material handling expenses. It presents information on telemetry and fleet management options, as well as new ways to reduce energy costs. Other topics include financing options, purchasing programs, maintenance programs and more.

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