Eagle Lift

Eagle Lift

As of January 1st, 2005 Alpha Workholding has launched its new range of Permanent Lifting magnets. The new Eagle Lift Series offers lifting capacities in five sizes, 250lbs, 600lbs, 1200lbs, 2500lbs, & 5000lbs. The Eagle Lift has the best weight-to-performance ratio in the market, can lift either flat or round parts and come with a 3 year warranty.

The Eagle Lift is a permanent magnetic lifter that turns ON or OFF with the swing of a handle and locks into position. The lifter immediately releases the part when turned OFF. Alpha’s unique design is the only lifter that offers the patented Test Talons, an additional test and safety feature. Simply moving the handle to the test position allows the customer to undertake a trial lift [where the load feasibility is unknown]. No extra tools needed. If the lifter successfully lifts the part, the handle can then be placed into the ON position to enable a three times safety factor (of the rated load).

These compact, light-weight, maintenance free lifters are designed and manufactured in the United States at Alpha Workholding’s North Carolina facility. These are the first lift magnets with a unique round body design which use patented, powerful licensed rare-earth magnets. Alpha also offers accessories to their Lift Magnets to support more custom applications which include those diameters that are beyond the normal specifications.

Lifting magnets are the best and most ergonomically friendly way to move ferrous parts around a shop.

For more information please contact a Sales Representative at Alpha Workholding Solutions at 877.217.6900 or visit us on the web at www.alphaworkholding.com


Sales Email: [email protected]
Sales Reps:
Sarah Haas
Brad Evans
Phone: 262-367-3812 or
Toll Free 877-217-6900
Fax: 262-369-7219

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