Easier Transportation Sourcing

Easier Transportation Sourcing

Elemica’s Transportation Bidding and Sourcing services simplify and automate the transportation bidding process. By using a web interface for carrier bidding and a scenario builder for decision making, the bidding, analysis and award process can be streamlined. The services support high volume, multi-currency transportation sourcing events for an unlimited number of bid lanes and carrier bids. It includes the ability to solicit and contract rates, capacity, and lanes for regional or global ocean, road, and heavy air freight, eliminating the need to use Excel-based manual processes. Event and bid history is tracked and stored indefinitely to meet all auditing and compliance requirements. Elemica’s Logistics Sourcing can cut sourcing event time by 50-70%, while aggregating and standardizing logistic routing guides and the carrier base.

Dynamic Bid Optimization allows customers to evaluate hundreds of thousands of carrier bids against a custom-defined sourcing allocation strategy. With transportation procurement becoming an on-going process as opposed to an annual event, Dynamic Bid Optimization manipulates large data sets that manual processes can’t handle, reducing errors by 50-70%, and cutting analysis time from weeks to minutes.


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