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Easily Accessorized Conveyors

Easily Accessorized Conveyors

Dorner’s SmartSlot technology is now available on its 2200 Series family, giving this low profile belt conveyor an added element of adaptability to meet changing applications.

The technology provides all the integration flexibility of a T-slot for mounting accessories without the drawbacks of slots that collect dust and product debris. The SmartSlot system allows self-tapping screws to quickly attach any automation accessory, guiding or other components needed for an application. As the screw is twisted into the SmartSlot, threads are formed into the frame for strength and support. If accessories need to be relocated on the conveyor, simply remove the screw and reinstall the item at the appropriate place.

A small indentation on the conveyor’s frame directs customers to the best place to install these additional components. The SmartSlot system allows the conveyor to be converted and repurposed to meet changing applications in minutes.


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