East Penn and Nuvera Test Hydrogen Generation System and Fuel Cells in Lift Trucks

In a joint project with battery manufacturer East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Lyon Station, Pa.), Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) has installed its first hydrogen generation system at East Penn's DC in Topton, Pa. Hydrogen generated by the system is powering a fleet of fuel cell-powered forklift trucks. This system is part of a field test of the two companies' ReadyPower unit, which combines Nuvera's fuel cell technology with East Penn's lead-acid battery design.

The hydrogen generation system, known as "PowerTap," consists of a hydrogen generation unit, and a cascade storage system, compressor and indoor dispenser. The modular design allows for customized solutions while simplifying the installation process.

"PowerTap was designed on a life cycle cost basis with the objective of producing on-site hydrogen in the most cost effective way for delivery to the fleet of forklift trucks in operation," said Charles Myers, global market leader for the PowerTap product line.

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