Eaton Corp. Selects Penske Logistics as Its Lead Logistics Provider For Europe

Penske Logistics (Amsterdam/Roosendaal, The Netherlands) announced that Eaton Corp. (Cleveland) has selected Penske to serve as its lead logistics provider in Europe. The new contract builds upon a well-established relationship between the two companies in the United States.

Under the new agreement, Penske Logistics will provide transportation management services, which includes the management and procurement of transportation, followed by a comprehensive supply chain redesign program for Eaton's European manufacturing operations, which span 13 countries.

"This program with Penske will be one of our key strategic projects for 2006 as we develop our footprint in Europe. The first step will be for Penske to implement their Transportation Management System (TMS) and the day-to-day handling of Eaton's inbound and outbound flows. Penske will optimize and redesign the transport network by combining shipments with other Penske customers,” said Mario Hegewald, Eaton's global logistics director.

Source: Penske Logistics.

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