WILMINGTON, N.C., Specifically designed for decline conveyors with a fail safe requirement, Interroll Corp. has developed an EC100 RollerDrive that features a mechanical rotor locking break. Designated EC100B, the RollerDrive’s spring loaded failsafe brake prevents drifting on inclines while ensuring smooth operation, low noise emission and an extended operating lifetime of the RollerDrive.

“The EC100B’s integral fail-safe mechanical brake has been specifically designed for decline conveyors and is the optimal choice for down spirals and straight decline conveyors,” said Georg Malina, Interroll Global Product Manager, RollerDrive and DriveControl. “The EC100B RollerdDrive brake mechanisms not only eliminates drifting of the conveyor when the main power goes down, but also provides a smoother, quieter operation.“

The EC100B brake mechanism requires no special control, as two wires are simply attached to the main power bus. The new technology is comprised of a mechanical rotor-locking break, which is spring-loaded and does only cycle with main power. The brake does not cycle with each start and stop of the conveyor. As long as the power bus is on, the magnetic force created by the solenoid keeps the rotor free.

During normal operation with the main power on, the zero motion hold (ZMH), an electronic servo brake, keeps the rotor of the motor locked. The combination of the mechanical brake and ZMH makes the EC100B a very reliable and easy to control fail safe brake RollerDrive.

For more information about Interroll’s EC100B RollerDrive brake mechanism, call 1-800-830-9680, fax 1-800-830-9679, or visit

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