WILMINGTON, N.C. — Providing a cost saving solution by reducing energy consumption in the product life cycle, Interroll has developed a high performance brushless RollerDrive that minimizes the after run of products enabling the user to stop packages precisely. Designated the EC100, the RollerDrive is equipped with a zero motion hold (ZMH) electro magnetic rotor brake and a re-engineered gear box for higher efficiency and lower noise. The EC100 RollerDrive is ideal for conveying in postal, distribution center or light pallet handling applications.

“The EC100 is a versatile motorized driven roller that can be manufactured to work with O-rings, multi-rib belts, timing belts or chains,” said Georg Malina, Global Product Manager for Interroll RollerDrive and DriveControl. “The flexible EC100 provides our customers with a technologically advanced and economical superior alternative to traditional belt, line shaft, chain and sprocket drive systems.”

The EC100 RollerDrive is applied with the HC-EC100 zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) control card for a fast and convenient set up for self control stand alone conveyor systems.

The EC100 RollerDrive enables a conveying speed up to 260 fpm and torque capabilities up to 26 in-lbf continuous torque. Noise emission levels of less than 55 dBA can be achieved during operation. Interroll’s EC100 RollerDrive is available in galvanized or stainless steel.

For more information about Interroll’s EC100 RollerDrive and HC-EC100 zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) control card, call 1-800-830-9680, or fax 800-830-9679 or visit

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