WILMINGTON, N.C. - Interroll has developed a high torque 24 VDC RollerDrive that provides an energy efficient solution for a wide range of material handling applications. Designated the EC110, the 24 VDC RollerDrive features a new, high performance motor and gear box that, combined with new elastic decoupling, provides a quiet and smooth operation. The EC110 is applied with the newest PolyVee rollers from Interroll and is ideal for incline, straight and spiral conveyors as well as replacing line shaft solutions in long conveying applications.

"The newly designed EC110 RollerDrive reduces noise emissions and provides our customers with a quieter, smoother and more efficient solution that can greatly lower the cost of ownership over time," said Georg Malina, Global Product Manager for Interroll RollerDrive and DriveControl. "Our high performance RollerDrive also opens the door for customers seeking a flexible and cost effective solution in applications that previously were not achievable with the 24 VDC technology, such as pallet handling, line shaft conveyors and PolyVee Curves."

The EC110 RollerDrive enables a conveying speed up to 475 fpm and torque capabilities up to 37 in-lbf continuous torque. Noise emission levels of less than 55 dBA can be achieved during operation.

Interroll's EC110 RollerDrive features a solid hexagonal shaft on the motor side that ensures a form fit to avoid the drive from spinning and an anti-spinning bracket that completely secures the drive in frame, reducing wear and tear.

Interroll's EC110 RollerDrive is available with numerous options, including galvanized or stainless steel material and various torque transmission levels for the highest efficiency achievement.

For more information about Interroll's EC110 RollerDrive, call 1-800-830-9680, fax 1-800-830-9679 or visit

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