ECL Series

Enhanced New Unidex ECL Series Manipulators for Close Tolerance Positioning Feature Lever Action Controls, Adjustable Limits and a Two-Year Warranty

Unidex, Inc., Warsaw, New York introduces its enhanced new Model ECL Series Electric Column Lift Manipulator, a fine-height lifting system with 270° articulating arms plus end effectors for handling close tolerance work positioning requirements. According to Unidex, the new ECL Series manipulators now feature lever action controls for three-speed vertical height adjustment, adjustable upper and lower limits, and a two-year warranty. Dual arm capability is also offered as a new option.

ECL manipulators have an electric-powered chain/sprocket drive that provides lifting and lowering. The unique design allows smooth, continuous movement throughout the work area. Horizontal movement is not restricted by vertical supports, cables or vacuum hoses. This permits the arm to maintain the attitude of the load for reach-in or reach-under applications.

The new ECL Series manipulator has a standard lift stroke of 54" and load capacity of 250 pounds 96" from the centerline. An Aut-O-Loc(TM) braking system provides firm support and protects the operator from downward movement in case of chain or drive failure. Tubular and bridge-style arms are provided in standard lengths of 72" and 92" from the carriage to the end of the arm pivot. Manually-guided articulating arms are available with radial reaches up to 96", the company says.

Unidex states that the new ECL Series manipulator is the latest addition to its comprehensive line of ergonomic material handling equipment, and can be customized with a variety of optional features including:

  • Stainless steel for construction for sanitary or corrosive environments and nickel-plated for corrosion-resistance. (Other special materials and finishes available.)
  • Variety of lift strokes and load capacities.
  • Various articulating arm lengths and designs, including dual arm options.
  • Standard and customized end effectors.
  • Push-button or pendant controls.
  • Overhead mounting systems.

For more information, contact Unidex, Inc., 2416 Main Street, Warsaw, NY 14569. Toll-Free: 1-800-724-1302. Phone: 585-786-3170. Fax: 585-786-3223. E-Mail: [email protected]. URL: Specific product information online at:

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