Econ-O-Lift™ bucket elevators from Gough Econ, Inc. are well suited for handling a variety of both sanitary and tough applications in industries ranging from food to heavy-duty industrial such as catalyst hydro-processing and petrochemical. These bucket elevators are especially ideal for gentle handling applications requiring gentle, damage free product transfer that demand minimum breakage or other applications that demand resistance to the abrasive nature of products within the process. Econ-O-Lift™ Bucket Elevators are custom designed to precisely suit customer requirements and offer maximum durability and easy installation. Bucket sizes vary from 6 to 48 inches wide, depending on the application, with capacities ranging up to 2,500 ft3/hour. Buckets are designed to remain upright (except at discharge) throughout the process to ensure product integrity.

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Charlotte, N.C. 28266-8583.
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