eFulfillment by Light and Voice

eFulfillment by Light and Voice

Wynright Corporation’s hybrid materials handling system for warehouse/distribution center eFulfillment integrates pick to light and put to voice technologies into a single offering. It allows pickers to fill multiple orders at the same time rather than having to pick and put each order sequentially. Combining order fulfillment this way can help organizations realize up to a 25% increase in picking rates per hour, according to the manufacturer, which they say is the equivalent of adding an extra person to an eight-hour shift.

The light system directs the picker to all the required bin locations and shows the aggregate quantity of items that should be picked for all the orders the picker is currently handling, and the voice system directs individual order quantities into which totes each product should be placed. The hybrid light/sound system can be integrated into all standard warehouse management systems (WMS), further automating the process.

Wynright Corporation

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