Fortress Interlocks has expanded its eGard range of industrial safety interlocks with 2 new modules that allow the customer to purchase a version to suit their sourcing or sinking current system needs.
Those customers who have a programmable logic controller (PLC) unit that operates sinking current can now get the new BD and BE modules from Fortress that interface with the sourcing PLC input cards and operates with all standard eGard core modules. The BD module has the capability to handle 2 I/O and the BE modules can handle 8 I/O; both are TUV approved.

eGard is a fully modular system that can control access to hazardous machinery via gate switch and trapped key technology and can also include simple machine or access controls such as push buttons, e-stops and lamps. eGard can connect to PLCs and mimic panels, or can be used on an AS-interface network.

The beauty of eGard is its flexibility; modules and features can constantly be added or removed. eGard combines the functionality of trapped key interlocking with practically any combination of gate switch and/or control modules in one flexible unit. It simply clips together and is easily installed. Its corrosion resistant body is designed for Category 4, high risk, applications and complies with international standards.

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