Element 21 Golf Company Sets Up New Distribution Center

Element 21 Golf Company (Toronto) has set up a new customer service center, assembly, warehousing, and shipping and receiving facility.

“This is a very cost-effective solution for today and is scalable to where we want to be in the future. All new inventories that will arrive during the second half of April are being shipped direct to the distribution center for assembly, packaging and subsequent shipping," said Bill Dey, executive v.p. and general manager of E21.

E21 holds the exclusive right to manufacture golf products using proprietary E21 Alloys. E21 Alloys are 55% lighter and offers 25% strength to weight advantage overt titanium alloys, the current standard in the golf equipment industry. E21 manufactures shafts, drivers, and other clubs that reportedly offer improvement in distance, accuracy and feel over competing products.

Source: Element 21 Golf Co.

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