Eleven-year-old Wins Bubble Wrap Competition

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J.–Tucker Haas, an 11-year-old, home-schooled student from Charlotte, N.C., was the winner in the third annual Bubble Wrap Competition for young inventors.

Haas’ invention, entitled “My Personal Swing Thing,” is a swing specially designed for children with movement disorders, providing adjustable back and neck support using different amounts of Bubble Wrap. Haas competed against 2,200 entries from students around the country, ultimately winning the top prize and a $10,000 U.S. Savings Bond.

The inspiration for Haas’ winning invention came from his younger sister, Lexi who has cerebral palsy. Haas said in his submission essay that during family park outings, he was discouraged to find that his sister could not enjoy most of the playground equipment. This led him to devise a portable swing that would provide her with a more cradling enclosure to keep her from falling out, and create inner pockets where different gradations of Bubble Wrap could be added to ensure she had the proper amount of upper back and neck support.

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