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“Emerging” RFID Entrepreneur

Bob Moore, chairman and CEO of <a href="" target="_blank">iGPS</a>, was named in the Emerging category of <a href="" target="_blank">Ernst &amp; Young</a>&#8217;s Entrepreneur of The Year awards. This program encourages entrepreneurial activity and recognizes leaders and visionaries who demonstrate innovation, financial success and personal commitment as they create and build world-class businesses.

Moore was recognized for using technology to devise an innovative improvement to shipping pallets — and overcoming significant obstacles to bringing it to market. Specifically, the award spotlighted the advantages of radio-tracked plastic pallets deployed by major retailers and drug companies. As a result, iGPS’ market share went from 0.8% in its first year to 25% in 2010. Next year, iGPS will expand into France, Spain and the U.K.

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