Reading, Pa. — EnerSys®, manufactures and distributes batteries, chargers, power equipment, and battery accessories for electric lift trucks, ground support equipment, and mining equipment has renamed their entire line of motive power chargers: EnForcer™ Chargers.

At the top of the EnForcer line is the High Frequency (HF) charger. The EnForcer HF delivers a minimum of 95% power factor and a high efficiency rating of over 90% to save power and money. The EnForcer HF extend battery life by automatically delivering and adjusting charge rates based on the constant diagnosis of the battery.

The EnerSys® EnForcerTM charger line also encompasses traditional charger technologies like the SCR, ferroresonant and a SCR/ferroresonant combination chargers. Ideal for light to heavy applications, the EnForcer SCR charger offers precise control of output current in order to deliver a complete charge. The EnForcer SCR can be used in an opportunity charging mode, which can reduce or even eliminate battery changes in multi-shift operations.

The EnForcer FERRO charger is a fully automatic, ferroresonant charger known for consistent performance. This charger will provide the required weekly equalization charge without user intervention.

The energy efficient EnForcer HYBRIDTM chargers offer a unique combination of the SCR charger technology with the efficiency of ferroresonant chargers which ensures a complete recharge under virtually all operating conditions.

When purchasing an EnerSys Enforcer charger, your product is supported by the largest, strongest company-backed service and support team in the business. Thoroughly schooled in every aspect of battery and charger technology, EnerSys technicians return to the classroom every year for formal updates on changes in technology and new products.

For more information, call 1-800-EnerSys or visit www.enersysmp.com

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