Ensure Good Vibrations

Ensure Good Vibrations

SKF’s CMPT Copperhead Transmitter Unit (CTU) is a 24/7 digital vibration and temperature measurement and transmission tool that can work with machinery fault detection systems for fans, pumps, gearboxes, and electric motors. It measures temperature and can measure and analyze three types of vibration signals while enabling the user to select the appropriate analysis for the preferred application.

The unit also has special functions for low speed machinery, with an ability to monitor unbalance and misalignment down to 120 r/min, and bearing and gearbox condition down to 20 r/min.

It provides machine operators with an easy-to-use, adaptable and reliable process for machine fault detection, reducing downtime and maintenance, and improving machine reliability.

The SKF ST-1240 lubrication control system can be interfaced with up to 10 CMPT CTU units to provide ongoing monitoring of lubrication system functionality and detecting faults. Alarm indication is provided by lamp and system relay.


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