Entry Level RFID Solutions

Loftware offers turnkey entry-level RFID solutions

"The new entry-level solution is available immediately and is a perfect compliment for companies whose requirements for barcode printing and marking RFID label tags is limited. The new entry-level solution, called RFID Starter, is a two seat, RFID and/or barcode printing capable software solution that allows Tier-2 and Tier-3 companies facing limited RFID compliance demands meet their current mixed compliance requirements for barcode label and RFID printing software for a base price of $1995. "

Loftware with its headquarters in York, Maine pioneered the very first barcode label design and barcode printing software application for PC’s over two decades ago. Since that time the company has led the development efforts to provide best in class enterprise marking and identification software solutions including RFID technology to Fortune 100 and 500 companies supply chain operations across the globe. Loftware’s products now extend supply chain efficiencies beyond just bar-coding by supporting and complying with the latest EPC (Electronic Product Code) standards and specifications for programming and managing RFID Smart Labels and Tags. Industries including automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical, transportation are managing their supply chains everyday using Loftware’s latest technologies.

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