Environmentally Safe Marking Solutions

Environmentally Safe Marking Solutions

Telesis Technologies offers a new range of flexible laser marking solutions for a wide spectrum of packaging applications. Whether it is marking on the fly (MOTF) or static operations, solution capabilities incorporate material handling, enclosures, conveyors, encoders, parts presence sensors, touch screens, integrated PC as well as custom turnkey integration applications backed with full service support.

The company’s “green” materials and foils provide contrast while not damaging the package or contents. This enables environmentally safe marking solutions and allows for more efficient packaging production lines with no consumables. Used on HDPE containers, laser marking solutions offer stable marks that won’t run.

Capabilities include CFR Part 21 compliance, AMI (Automated Machine Interface) software tools for ease of integration and validation, 2D with verification, vision tools and MOTF as well as static marking.

Telesis Technologies Inc.

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