EOL System

(Chicago IL.) – Pro Mach, Inc., is features a complete turnkey end-of-line (EOL) packaging solution built entirely from its own brands. The integrated EOL system incorporates seven Pro Mach packaging machines including:

• the new omni-handed Wexxar WF10 case erector, which allows customers to form right-handed and left-handed cases on the same machine.
• a Rennco SF301-20 vertical bagger, which efficiently packages a variety of products at less cost than machines using premade bags.
• Brenton Robotic case loading cell, which collates the packaged products, picks and places them in the appropriate layer pattern and transfers completed cases to the palletizer.
• a Bel-252 case sealer, which seals the top flaps of the case as it’s transferred to the palletizer infeed.
• a Currie LLP-21 palletizer, which collates the layers of cases and places them on a pallet and discharges them to the stretch wrapper.
• an Orion FA-55 Stretch Wrapper, which unitizes the load for safe warehousing and transport
• ID Technology label applicators, which print and apply identification and tracking information on the cases and pallets.

Pro Mach’s End-of-Line packaging group offers customers a single source for all their end-of-line packaging needs, from stand alone applications to complex packaging systems.

“Having a single source to design, build, and test your system greatly reduces the risk of purchasing and assembling a system from multiple vendors,” says Barry Heiser, Vice-President, Pro Mach End-of-Line Packaging. “At Pro Mach, we can assemble the complete system and test it in our facility to ensure it operates at peak efficiency before shipment.”

Pro Mach’s End-of-Line brands include Brenton case packers, shrink wrappers, robotics, and Currie palletizers; Orion stretch wrappers; Wexxar/Bel case and tray forming and sealing and Rennco vertical baggers and sealers.

For more information about Pro Mach End-of-Line solutions visit www.promachinc.com/EOL or call at 800-535-2730.

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