EPC Inlay Master

RICHLAND, Wash. - Integral RFID released EPC Inlay Master, a software solution for high-speed, roll-to-roll RFID tag and inlay testing.

The EPC Inlay Master software works with off-the-shelf RFID readers to perform parametric testing and programming of Class 0, Class 1 and Gen 2 inlays, inline with existing high-speed roll-to-roll RFID converting lines.

The EPC Inlay Master software runs on a standard Windows PC or laptop and interacts with RFID readers and existing PLC logic systems. The RFID readers are used to evaluate inlays, and optionally program them. The PLC systems provide the input triggers to initiate tag testing, and also carry the output signals based on the results of testing. Using pre-existing hardware, EPC Inlay Master can easily be configured to sequentially program good inlays, and to test for bad inlays, activating remove-and-replace systems when needed.

This unique software offering for the RFID label converting industry also contains complete data logging and process logging capabilities, allowing roll-by-roll inlay yields to be recorded and archived.

EPC Inlay Master works with many of the industry standard RFID readers (Alien Technology, Symbol, WJ, Samsys) and works with Class 0, Class 1 and Gen 2 inlays.

A free trial version of the software is available on request by email to [email protected]

For further information visit www.integralRFID.com.


Integral RFID
Chris Parkinson, 509-308-0380

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