Dallas, TX — ShockWatch, a global leader in developing and manufacturing Damage Prevention products used in a variety of industries and applications, introduces the EquipManager™. This device wirelessly monitors impacts, access, usage, and location of material handling equipment and fleet vehicles. OSHA and other safety regulatory compliance is ensured by an onboard, customer-configurable, pre-shift safety checklist with an audio/visual display that features a full user menu and text messaging.

The ShockWatch EquipManager reduces costs associated with damage and injuries caused by the improper use and operation of equipment — as well as the costs of maintenance and repair. Use of the EquipManager increases operator productivity, maximizes equipment utilization, and creates a significantly safer work environment.

For managers concerned with the utilization and performance of their fleet equipment and vehicles, the EquipManager allows for monitoring of multiple parameters such as fluid pressure, speed, lift count, and travel time through customizable digital and analog inputs. Its location-enabled services allow managers to locate any piece of equipment at any time. Additional real-time tracking capability is offered as an optional feature.

“The power of the EquipManager is in its superior software and networking capabilities”, says Clint Branch, VP Engineering at ShockWatch. “Managers completely control the configuration of their system and have immediate access to valuable information — enabling smarter operational decisions that, in turn, lead to reduced costs and increased safety.”

The EquipManager broadens the capability of ShockWatch’s existing line of equipment monitors which include the time-proven ImpactManager™ series of devices that monitor equipment access and impacts, and the UsageManager™, which monitors equipment usage in a wide variety of industries.

ShockWatch specializes in Damage Prevention, offering Shipping & Handling Monitors and Equipment Monitors for use in a variety of industries and applications. ShockWatch products are used to monitor the handling of goods throughout the production and delivery process, and the operation, access, and usage of equipment with the goal of reducing costs by preventing damage. ShockWatch, along with Media Recovery and The Damage Prevention Company, is part of the MRI family of companies. MRI helps customers achieve new levels of efficiency, quality, and safety, and provides products and services to two-thirds of the Fortune 100 and over half of the Fortune 1000 companies.

For more information, contact ShockWatch at 1111 W. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 1050, Dallas TX, 75247; phone (214) 630.9625; fax (214) 638-4512; e-mail: [email protected]; or visit them on the Web at www.shockwatch.com.

Contact: Yinka Massally
Phone: (214) 630-9625
Email: [email protected]

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