Ergo Beam

Ergo Beam

Long Valley, NJ - February 9th, 2009 – Frazier Industrial Company, announced today the release of its new Ergo Beam. Designed to provide easy access to hard-to-reach cartons on lower shelf levels, the Ergo Beam creates an opening between pallet locations, through which an order-picker can enter and comfortably reach rear cartons.

“Our customers have reported less product breakage, fewer worker injuries and greater productivity as result of the Ergo Beam,” explains Domenick Iellimo, Vice President of Sales at Frazier. "The Ergo Beam is a great solution to a real problem for warehouse workers. We simply split the front shelf beam into 2 separate curved beams that attach to the rear horizontal, creating an ample opening for order pickers to access rear cartons on standard GMA-style, 48”x40” pallet locations,” claims Iellimo.

The Ergo Beam is made from 4” structural steel channel for optimal durability and abuse-resistance. There are three options; the first is the standard Ergo which is a curved beam with the flange side of the channel facing inward. This design has a smooth surface on which workers can comfortably lean while selecting cartons. The second option is designed with the channel flange facing outwards, which protects bar code labels from being scraped by fork lift equipment. The last option is the Label-Ergo Beam which offers the best of both worlds - a smooth outer surface with a 1/8” recessed web that prevents damage to bar code labels and anchor bolts. Standard pallet supports can be used in both the standard and Label-Ergo Beam.

Judy Swajger
Frazier Industrial Company
(800) 614-4162
[email protected]

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