Easily retrofits any gravity tubular roller conveyor application into a multi-directional transfer station, where material needs to be transferred or turned in multiple directions.

The multi-directional ERGO-ROLL conveyor roller is structured around four free turning football shaped roller elements positioned in a 90 degree staggered pattern around the perimeter of a main wheel hub. This roller arrangement generates nine individual rotating turning axles, when paired into a duplex wheel configuration.

Since the roller is made out of a self-lubricating plastic composite, the roller works equally well in wet application and does not require maintenance or lubrication for long service life. The roller’s open construction also allows dirt to gravitate through its structure.

The 1.90 diameter ERGO-ROLL is designed and manufactured in the USA.

ErgotecH Inc. is an innovative company dedicated to creating quality products that optimize the interaction between people, work and the environment.

Danbury, CT 06810
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