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ESYNC and International Paper Announce Strategic Partnership

Toledo, Ohio, November 14, 2003 ESYNC and International Paper announced today that the two companies have established a strategic partnership to provide RFID Integration and consulting services focused on the Electronic Product Code (EPC) standards and other auto-identification initiatives.

The two companies bring a unique set of resources, skills, methodologies, and experience that will help current and future clients assess and deploy RFID solutions to capture business value.

Since 1999, International Paper has worked with customers to develop a portfolio of RFID products and services tailored to their needs. As one of the earliest members of the Auto-ID Center, International Paper created the Smart Packaging business to explore the emerging technology and how it could add total system value both internally and for customers. The business is focused on developing products and services that add value, as demonstrated by the recently announced - first-of its-kind - Warehouse Tracking System using RFID technology.

The Warehouse Tracking System showcases International Paper*s unique expertise and practical knowledge in the deployment of RFID systems in industrial environments to create value. *Combining International Paper*s real-world RFID and EPC experience with our expertise in supply chain consulting and system integration creates a very compelling service offering for the market,* said John Sidell, principal and co-founder, ESYNC.

ESYNC is a proven leader in consulting and systems integration services for supply chain and technology related initiatives. The company*s end-to-end services include engineering, facility layout and material handling design, software requirements analysis, vendor selection, and solution implementation as well as on-going systems support and maintenance. *ESYNC*s expertise enhances International Paper*s RFID integration offering by providing proven methodologies to assess and deploy supply chain solutions,* said Alan Clark, general manager, Smart Packaging.

The companies will jointly market and deliver a variety of RFID consulting and integration services focused on the Electronic Product Code (EPC) and other related technologies. One example of their service offering is the RFID Strategic Assessment program, which is designed to assess the value of RFID at clients* operations.

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