MIDDLETOWN, Pa. - Phoenix Contact’s new family of Electronic Timer Relays (ETDs) offers a broad range of timing settings and other practical functions. Featuring easy set-up and diagnostics, the ETDs are appropriate for use in universal applications.

The ETDs monitor different time functions without using complicated controllers. The timer relays can be adjusted to an array of timing settings ranging from milliseconds through several days. ETD devices equipped with special functions, including star/delta (or Wye/Delta) and watchdog, are also available.

To set up the timer relays, simply use the potentiometers on the top of each module to set the appropriate limit values. Colored LEDs report the operating statuses – power supply OK, as well as limit value and relay state.

For more information on the ETD or any Phoenix Contact product, visit, or call technical service at 800-322-3225, e-mail [email protected].

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