Everything You Need to Know About 3PLs

The 12th edition of Who's Who In Logistics? is now available in two volumes. The set includes industry statistics such as:

• U.S. 3PL/Contract Logistics Market Gross Revenue Growth 1996 - 2003

• Major 3PL market segments defined

• U.S. 3PL/Contract Logistics Market Estimates for 2003 with Segment Detail

3PLs are profiled using the following criteria:

• Analysis of overall capabilities;

• Asset information;

• Customers/markets;

• Editor's comments;

• Financial information;

• Information systems;

• Key personnel;

• Latest case studies and news.

The 648-page set also offers in-depth research and analysis of 146 3PLs, including their latest gross and net revenues, overall capabilities, editorial comments detailing strengths and weaknesses, and IT capabilities ratings.

For more information, contact Armstrong & Associates Inc., 608-873-8929, http://www.3plogistics.com/.

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